Safety Tips

Thousands of men and Women are searching for partners on the internet. Some of them are scammer, cheater trying to get your money with some clever tricks.

First of all
Never send any money to somebody you do not have met in real life.
Specially not with Western Union or other express services.
Only give money to somebody you trust.
A lot of scammers in dating sites are men who are pretending to be a woman.
After they have made a relationship with you, they will come to ask you for money, using several tricks.
That can be a ticket, or language course, driving license, or some fee they have to pay on the airport, because they do not have so much money with them.
The tricks are clever and they have a lot of fantasy.

Do not tell to much about your financial situation, as long as you know the person only by photo and email, chat etc. specially if you have a lot of money on the bank, do not tell anybody about it.

Try to meet the other person in real life, before giving a lot of your personal information to somebody you only know by photo,email or chat. Scammers are using fake photos: here is how you can find them. If the photo on the partner site is to much perfect, like a professional made photo in a magazine or on advertisement. This could be a hint that he or she is probably a scammer. Ask him or her for some more private photos, if he, or she is not able to send more pictures who shows a more private environment, this will be very suspicious.

Normal people have a lot of snapshots made by friends or family members.

Please report us about scammer on our website, we will delete their profiles and give all information to the police.